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Since deregulation of the telecommunications industry in Europe, quality labels have been increasingly necessary to differentiate between the services provided by companies active in telecommunications.

ETSA is the creator and promoter of Qualif’Com, a European Quality Management System for SMEs active in the field of telecommunications. Qualif’Com guarantees “Quality of Service” for the end-user of telecom services. The Qualif’Com rating is voluntary, and is given in three separate fields:

    • INFRASTRUCTURES : cabling and installations
    • SYSTEMS : service and maintenance
    • CONSULTING : engineering and consulting

In each country, an independent audit team company assesses the applicant companies on criteria such as organization, specific business know-how, customer orientation, etc. The Qualif’Com certificate is delivered for a period of three years, and is subject to annual reassessments.

Qualif’Com brings crucial added value to the telecom market:

  • End-users: By choosing a qualified partner, clients will benefit from professional service designed to meet their needs
  • Manufacturers: By using a qualified installation company, manufacturers have the reassurance that their products are installed to the highest standards and industry best practices
  • Telecom SMEs: Qualif’Com is the recognition of their professionalism and an identification sign for the public. Qualif’Com is a powerful tool to market their know-how.

ETSA’s Qualif’Com mutual Recognition Agreement Group was officially recognized by the EOTC on October 16th, 2002. This Qualif’Com RAG works on the harmonization of the criteria across countries. It is open to all and meets periodically in order to update and maintain the harmonized criteria according to technical and technological developments.

Qualif’Com is part of the continuing drive to improve quality to ensure end-user satisfaction.

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