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ETSA carries out the following activities:

  1. Lobbying and contact with different organisms in the European Union
  2. Meetings and assemblies with its members
  3. Working groups
  4. Conferences and exhibitions
  5. Meetings with manufacturers
  6. Participation, through its members, in official working groups
  7. Common interest projects

Campus Telecom

Under the umbrella of ETSA, FICOME, the French national association, organizes and leads the Campus Telecom Europe project, co-financed by the European program Leonardo da Vinci.

Apart from FICOME, three European telecommunications federations, members of ETSA, participate in this 3-year project: FENITEL, ECA and ASSISTAL. Other participants include a Polish partner, ZDZ, member of the networks of the association of centers for vocational development in Poland, and CR2i, a French association created by the French Minister of Education to promote programs for adult education.

The aim of the project is to identify the telecom industry’s education and training needs and propose solutions in the field of vocational training that will fill the gap between initial vocational training contents and the actual skills required, as well as to make the field of telecommunications attractive to students, and make it possible for them to train or to work abroad.

FENITEL - 8th Telecomms Congress
The Netcoms Show 2010 - ECA
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