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About ETSA
ETSA, the European Telecommunication Services Association, was founded in 1988. It is a group of 5 European national associations involved in the field of telecommunications. It currently represents the interests of approximately 10.000 companies in Europe, with more than 350.000 highly qualified staff. ETSA member companies are specialists in the supply of telecommunications equipment, services, software, installations, maintenance, and independent consulting services.

Membership of the association is open to any trade association engaged in telecommunications services or related industries, which meet ETSA’s membership criteria. Its members own and run ETSA on a non-profit basis. The association receives its funding from membership fees.

Its mission is twofold: first, the promotion of common interests through the development of cooperation between the members and the exchange of information; secondly, the continued liberalisation of the telecommunications market.

FENITEL - 8th Telecomms Congress
The Netcoms Show 2010 - ECA
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ETSA - European Telecommunication Services Association
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